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Into the Sea is the first novel from Australian writer, Jay Laurie. Vividly told, it is about growing up behind the dunes, friendship, travelling into the unknown and living in rhythm with the sea.

Through the early years of a friendship between two boys, Into the Sea touches on first freedoms, the seesawing transition from innocence to adolescence and the impact of sudden loss. In later parts, the novel powerfully evokes life on the road and the unpredictability of trusting to chance travelling in remote places. Along the way, it richly and sensitively describes the landscapes of Australia and Indonesia and their people. The book also captures what it is to ride waves, to be a surfer and, in a more subtle way, the trials, if not impossibilities, of loving one. READ MORE

Robert Drewe (Australian Author):

I enjoyed "Into the Sea" very much. It was so evocative I felt I was there. It brims with true experience and descriptive energy...

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He slipped off his board into the sea, face down, eyes closed ... and let it engulf him for a time. Out of air, he turned to float on his back and ... rising and falling slowly on the undulations of the ocean, the salt water washed and revived him like it always did, the sun warmed his face and chest and his tethered board gently twitched at his ankle.

Sometimes, when ... they could hear the crash and rumble of the sea borne on the westerly, Billie's family would rug up and go down to the beach. They'd lean into the wind with their arms out and let it whip their coats and jumpers, sting their faces and layer fine grains of sand through their hair and ears and become part of the elements, alive and exuberant. They'd watch the stormy surf roll in through narrow slits, jump at the seagulls hovering into the wind low off the ground and ...amass in their ...upturned jumper hems, floats and ...spiral cone shells, fragile urchins and smooth bits of broken green glass.

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